City Engineer

128 E Market Street, Suite 205
Bluffton, IN 46714

The City Engineer is responsible for providing engineering services to various departments and consulting with outside engineering firms. The City Engineer supervises, prepares, and reviews plans, specifications, designs, cost estimates, and time schedules for special construction, alteration contracts, and proposed maintenance or public works engineering projects.

New Development or Redevelopment Projects

All new development or redevelopment projects should go through the Wells County Area Plan Commission (APC). Contact information can be found on the Wells County Area Plan Commission website.

City Plan Review and Design Standards

During the review of the development/redevelopment petition, projects plans are routed to the City of Bluffton for approval. Projects within the City of Bluffton and all City infrastructure should follow the Bluffton City Design Standards.

Information about the process, applying for variance requests, and utility connection requests and fees can be found on the City New Development and Redevelopment page.