Sidewalk Assistance

It is the intent of the Sidewalk Program to make the city more attractive and safer for pedestrians by assisting property owners in the construction of new sidewalks and curbs.

Who is Eligible? – Property owners whose properties are inside the city limits of the City of Bluffton. Governmental units are not eligible for this program.

What Properties are Eligible? – General Improvement funds will be used for new construction or reconstruction of existing sidewalks and curbs. All projects and resulting assessments must be approved by the Board of Public Works and Safety. Both sidewalks and curbs must be included in the project.

Applying for a Project – Property owners wishing to be included in the Sidewalk Project should:

  1. Submit a request
  2. The Board of Public Works and Safety will prepare plans and specifications for the project and receive bids from prospective contractors.
  3. After receiving bids, the Board will calculate the individual assessments and notify owners of their proposed assessments for the project.
  4. If the owner wishes to have the sidewalk constructed, the Board will award the contract and certify the assessments accordingly.
  5. Requests must be made to the Mayor’s Office no later than May 31st each year.

Assessments – Assessments will be billed and collected by the city clerk-treasurer. Assessments may be paid in full within one year of the project certification without penalty or interest. Assessments may be paid in up to ten (10) semiannual installments with interest accruing at the rate of one percent (1%) per annum. Payments will be due and payable on May 10 and November 10 each year. Delinquent payments will accrue the same penalties and are collected in the same manner as delinquent taxes.

Other Sidewalk Programs – The City of Bluffton also has a program whereby residents are reimbursed $7.00 per foot for curb construction. Projects participating in this allowance must be approved in advance by the street commissioner. E-mail the Street Commissioner for details or to arrange an inspection. A property is not eligible for both reimbursement programs at the same time.


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