City Council

The Legislative Branch of the City of Bluffton is its Common Council. The Common Council shall have exclusive authority to adopt ordinances and resolutions, appropriate tax monies received by the City, and to perform other necessary and desirable legislative functions.

Council Meetings

The Bluffton Common Council meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm, after the conclusion of the weekly Board of Works session. The meetings take place in the second floor Common Council Chambers at City Hall, 128 E Market Street, Bluffton, IN 46714. The Mayor or, in the absence of the Mayor, the Common Council President presides over common council meetings, and the Clerk-Treasurer acts as Clerk of the Common Council.

Council Composition

The Bluffton Common Council is currently comprised of seven elected members, one representative from each of the city’s five districts and two at-large members. The district members represent constituents who live within the boundaries of their jurisdiction while the at-large members represent Bluffton constituents as a whole. City Council members serve four-year terms. Redistricting of the council districts was done in 1982 and is performed every 10 years thereafter.


Chandler Gerber
(1st District)
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Josh Hunt
(2nd District)
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Janella Stronczek
(3rd District)
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Scott Mentzer
(4th District)
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Sarah Reed
(5th District)
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Rick Elwell
(Council at Large)
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Blake Fiechter
(Council at Large)
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