Tree Planting

The City of Bluffton will assist residents in planting trees along city streets during the early spring of 2024.


Trees are $37.00 each and will arrive in a 5-gallon container.

Tree orders must be submitted and paid for before March 22, 2024, at Mayor John Whicker’s Office in City Hall at 128 E. Market Street.

You can download the order form here:  Spring Tree Order Form.

Trees offered will be:

Red Sunset Maple
Eastern Redbud – Pink Blooming
Kousa Dogwood- White Blooming
Heritage River Birch – multi stem

(Quantities are limited again this year.)

The city will assist homeowners in planting trees by digging the hole for planting during early spring, provided the location can be reached from the street by the city’s equipment. If you wish, the trees will be delivered to your home for you to plant. Trees are expected to arrive late March or Early April.

The city will be purchasing the trees from Steve’s Outdoor Concepts in Bluffton. The City cannot guarantee the tree’s growth, since much of the success of a planting depends upon the care of the tree after it is in the ground.


Trees may not be planted under utility lines or where the growth of the tree may endanger either overhead or underground utilities.
Parks Department Memorial Tree Donation – Honor a loved one by planting trees in their memory.  Orders are collected all year long, and trees are planted at the best suitable time (typically spring or fall).  Your donation not only provides a home for wildlife and shade for families walking on the River Greenway trail, but it also protects the trail itself, as the tree roots stabilize the bank.  Did you know that a single tree provides enough oxygen for one year for a family of 4 or that it can capture 18,000 gallons of water over the course of their lives, improving the watershed areas?  By planting memorial trees, you not only honor the life and legacy of your loved one you also help preserve the tree canopy in our beautiful parks and trails for generations to come.