Tree Removal

Click here to download the Tree Removal Application

Trees between the pole and your house:

If limbs or branches interfere with secondary service (from the pole to your house), removal is the owner’s responsibility. E-mail the Utility Office or call 824-2500 to schedule temporary electric service while you remove the tree or limbs.

Trees on City right-of-way:

Dead or unsound trees on City rights-of-way may be removed by a tree removal contractor. The owner is responsibile for half the cost of removal plus a $30 service fee. To obtain a cost estimate for tree removal, complete an application form and return it to the Mayor’s Office at 128 East Market Street.

Trees that have fallen or are in power lines:

The City will remove:
• Trees or limbs that have fallen directly in the right-of-way; or
• Trees or limbs that interfere with electric primary voltage lines (lines that run from pole to pole).

Report Trees in Power Lines