Tree Removal

Trees between the pole and your house:

If limbs or branches interfere with secondary service (from the pole to your house), removal is the owner’s responsibility. E-mail the Utility Office or call 824-2500 to schedule temporary electric service while you remove the tree or limbs.

Trees on City right-of-way:

Dead or unsound trees on City rights-of-way may be removed by a tree removal contractor. The owner is responsible for half the cost of removal plus a $30 service fee. To obtain a cost estimate for tree removal, complete an application form and return it to the Mayor’s Office at 128 East Market Street.

Trees that have fallen or are in power lines:

The City will remove:
• Trees or limbs that have fallen directly in the right-of-way; or
• Trees or limbs that interfere with electric primary voltage lines (lines that run from pole to pole).

Report Trees in Power Lines

Conditions For Tree Removal:

  1. Dead or unsound trees on City right-of-way will be removed by a tree removal contractor by bid.
  2. Property owner is responsible for 50% of the bid price and a service fee of $30.00 payable to Bluffton Utilities due upon acceptance of the bid.
  3. Trees or limbs that have fallen directly in the City right-of-way will be removed by the City Street Department.
  4. To determine if a tree qualifies for removal, the property owner must complete the TREE REMOVAL APPLICATION form, and return it to the Mayor’s office.

a) Inspection appointments for trees described in the application will be made to determine if the tree qualifies.

b) Trees that qualify for removal by the City will be placed on the “Tree Removal List” and removed in order.

c) Property owner, whether keeping the wood or not, have the responsibility to clean up the area and remove the tree stump.

d) Property owner will receive a coupon good for $30.00, toward a new tree at Steve’s Lawn and Garden or with the City of Bluffton’s tree sale program every February.

Secondary electrical overhead service running through the customer’s tree:

  1. City Electric Department crew will drop the service and temporarily connect it to maintain service.
  2. Customer will then trim or remove tree.
  3. After trimming or removal is complete, a City crew will re-hang and reconnect the service.

Note: City work will be scheduled during regular working hours only.

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