Angel Of Hope Memorial Park

A place of remembering for anyone who has lost a loved one.

Plans to bring an Angel of Hope to Bluffton began in February 2003, when one person learned of the Angel and shared her vision to create a quiet place where families could reflect and remember lost loved ones.

The Angel of Hope Planning Committee that now shares this vision is made up of several Wells County residents, some of whom have lost a child of their own.

The group retained an architect and together they were able to create a park setting with landscaping for shade and privacy with the Angel as the centerpiece.

The park is located at the intersection of Bennett and Wabash streets. This setting provides a soothing sound of the water and a view of the beautiful Wabash river. The park includes brick walkways and several benches for those wishing to enjoy the park and remember their loved ones.

The City of Bluffton graciously agreed to allow the committee to build the park on land donated by the city. The park is maintained as a city park although part of the moneys raised by the committee will be set aside to create an ongoing fund to help maintain the park.

The Angel of Hope, also known as The Christmas Box Angel, was first introduced to the world in the book written by Richard Paul Evans entitled, “The Christmas Box”. In the book, a woman grieves for the loss of her child at the base of an angel statue.

Although the story is mostly fiction, the statue of the angel at which the woman grieved did actually exist at one time, though sadly, it is now believed to have been destroyed.

In response to thousands of grieving parents who were touched by the story and who wanted to seek solace from the statue for themselves, the author commissioned the first angel statue and it was dedicated on December 6, 1994, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Since that time, over 39 Angel of Hope statues have been placed in communities around the world and have become sites for healing and hope for grieving parents.

The angel design is the creation of a father and son from Salt Lake City and was created according to the description of the angel in Evans’ book. The face of the angel is that of the author’s second daughter, Allyson-Danica and on the angel’s right wing is inscribed the word “hope”.

How You Can Help

With your donations, The Angel of Hope Memorial Park will become a place of healing for many years to come.

To donate a brick in honor of or in memory of your loved one, contact the wells County Foundation at 260-824-8620.

Any contribution to the Wells County Foundation for the Angel of Hope Memorial Park is tax deductible.

treeLightingEach year on December 6th at 7:00 pm, at the Angel of Hope Park in Bluffton, Indiana, join us in a tree lighting ceremony for those who have lost a loved one.

Everyone is invited to attend this ceremony.

To have a light and ornament placed on a special tree in memory of or in honor of your loved one, contact the Wells County Foundation at 260-824-8620.