Update on paving State Road 1 / North Main Street.
Update on North Main Street Paving:
The city has been informed that E & B paving will be working on Main Street Saturday, October 1st, paving the North bound passing lane.
Monday the will work begin on city streets. Paving/milling the alley between Johnson and Marion Streets from Ohio to Silver Street, Perry Street (alley) from Williams Street to the RR Tracks between Wabash and Market Streets, Wabash Street from the RR Tracks to Bond Street and last the East bound lane of Monroe Street from Fieldcrest to City Limits.
Tuesday and Wednesday they will be back working on Main Street paving the passing and turn lanes (during the day).
Thursday and Friday they will be paving from 8pm to 8am on the north and south bound turn lanes.
Monday, during the day, E&B will be milling/paving on West Dustman Road.
Remember, State Road 1 and West Dustman are INDOT projects and we have no say on their schedule, we feel fortunate that they have worked with the city in keeping us up to date on their progress.

For concerns or questions on the INDOT projects, you may call INDOT’s customer service line at 1-855-463-6848.  

Indiana’s Parlor City…

Bluffton was nicknamed “The Parlor City” over a century ago because its paved streets (a new phenomenon at the time) made the city “as clean as your parlor.”  The parlor was the room in the house where guests were entertained and made to feel at home.

Now that you’re here, take a look around.  We’re pretty proud of this place.

Bluffton is a community of 10, 384 in Northeastern Indiana.

We’ve been the object of state, national and international attention because of our recognized leadership and our award-winning  programs.  You can see some of those awards by clicking “What We Do” at the top of this page.

While you’re here, browse through the latest news.  We try to make sure that there is always something going on in town.

There’s a lot of practical information here as well.  We’ve tried to answer most of your questions about city services and even included links to other organizations to help you comfortably find your way around.

Even though paved streets are no longer a novelty and only the older homes have parlors, we’re still proud to be a place where you feel at home.

We’re glad you’re here!

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